Wednesday, December 31, 2008

La Jolla Beach

One afternoon we went to La Jolla with Grandma and Grandpa Hall and Hannah. It was a San Diego-cold (in the 50s) and windy day, but we still had a great time walking around the coves.

Here we are at the Children's Pool, the local California Sea Lion hang out.

We walked along the sidewalk that winds along the cliffs from cove to cove.
Liam was a champion sleeper when it came to naps and bedtime, but in all the running around he missed out on a few naps. Here he is, loopy tired and loving it.
San Diego, America's Finest City (that really is their motto...see the city homepage).

The ever windy conditions make for interesting tree formations along the cliffs.

Bird of Paradise


Playing with some seaweed
Grandma and Grandpa with the grandbabies (if only little Grace could have been there, too...)
Liam and Hannah

Monday, December 29, 2008

At the Zoo

We have so many pictures from our trip. I'll post them a bit at a time.

We spent a morning at the San Diego Zoo. I grew up going to this zoo a lot, so taking Liam there is always extra special. He seemed to enjoy it a lot more than when we went last August.

It was a perfect rainy day at the zoo: the animals were extra active and there were hardly any crowds.

Liam makes this face a lot now. It means he's happy.
We're all happy.
Monkeying around.
Going up the moving sidewalk.
These phalaenopsis orchids were growing right on the trees! Ahhh, San Diego weather...
Normally the pandas do little more than sit and munch on bamboo if we're lucky (usually they are just snoozing). Apparently, they really like rainy days and were the most active I have ever seen them.
This guy was all over the place, and even showed off his head stands.

A rainy day is also a good day for a nap.

This monkey was really excited to see us.

The hippo came right up close.

Really close.

Liam was fascinated.

My favorite guys.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in San Diego

Christmas day was non-stop for us. We started out at the Woltman house, waking up at 6 for stockings, presents, and coffee. Then it was off to the Hall's for Christmas breakfast, more stockings and presents, and a nap for Liam. Next stop: Grandma and Grandpa Good's house for Christmas dinner Round 1, a second nap for Liam, and more presents. We had Christmas dinner Round 2 at my Grandparent's house, along with a barf session by Liam, more stockings and presents, and a 911 call and ambulance ride for Great Aunt Georgia (who is okay now). It was a big day.
Here are some picture highlights:
Auntie Molly read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve. Liam was really into it and decided to read along at some points.

Christmas morning, bright and early.

A new garden fork...hurrah!
Oh, Happy day!

Liam and Hannah

Liam fit into the stocking at Granny Annie and Grandpa's.

Molly gets into the Christmas spirit.

Practicing our pretty face:

Uncle Eric got a remote control helicopter. Liam thought it was a bit scary.

Watching the helicopter
Meeting Santa

Beautiful lights, beautiful day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Auntie Molly is here!

Molly is here for a few days (her circus gig left her with some downtime and a rental car in Tulsa...). We opened Christmas presents with her early.

What else would she get Liam but a bat costume? It's perfect. Watch the video.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

1 puppy left

A family adopted Amy last night. They have three kids for her to keep up with. All we have left is Bruce. He needs a good home.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

2 to go

Gruntsy found a home! A pleasantly plump girl chose the scrawniest puppy... funny.
Someone is on their way now to look at the other two.


Yesterday morning, Linda's friend Drew called and said he found three tiny puppies in the middle of the road. They were freezing and would have been hit by a car soon, and he was on his way to work and needed somewhere warm and safe for them to stay.

So now we have three super cute puppies following us around the house, begging to be picked up, and snuggling in our pockets.

WE ARE NOT KEEPING THEM...even though they are adorable and we call them Bruce, Amy, and Gruntsy.

Do you or someone you know want a puppy?

We need someone to take them because they can't stay here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

What a day for a hike

Sunday's weather was amazingly warm for December - upper 50's in Siloam. We headed to Devil's Den for a hike, and the Gray's met us there. It was a bit cooler there, but still not bad. We hiked the Yellow Rock trail, circling around the bluffs and then up to the overlook where we enjoyed more blueberry muffins.
It felt great to get out into the fresh air, stretch our legs, and chat with our favorite friends. The babies had a great time, too. Although, they both had runny noses and red cheeks by the time we got back to our cars. This was one of the rare days when I could honestly say I love being in Arkansas.

Here we are on one of the bluffs. The view is amazing (but somehow this picture just makes it look like we're in front of some scraggly bushes...oh well).
Crystal, Micah, and Simone (barely contained in her bjorn...)

What a great day!