Monday, December 29, 2008

At the Zoo

We have so many pictures from our trip. I'll post them a bit at a time.

We spent a morning at the San Diego Zoo. I grew up going to this zoo a lot, so taking Liam there is always extra special. He seemed to enjoy it a lot more than when we went last August.

It was a perfect rainy day at the zoo: the animals were extra active and there were hardly any crowds.

Liam makes this face a lot now. It means he's happy.
We're all happy.
Monkeying around.
Going up the moving sidewalk.
These phalaenopsis orchids were growing right on the trees! Ahhh, San Diego weather...
Normally the pandas do little more than sit and munch on bamboo if we're lucky (usually they are just snoozing). Apparently, they really like rainy days and were the most active I have ever seen them.
This guy was all over the place, and even showed off his head stands.

A rainy day is also a good day for a nap.

This monkey was really excited to see us.

The hippo came right up close.

Really close.

Liam was fascinated.

My favorite guys.


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