Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

And so I have officially joined the ranks of the celebrated on Mother's Day. It's kind of a strange feeling, but, boy, I sure appreciated it.

On Saturday, Gabe and Liam treated me to some tomato seedlings for our garden. We came home with 4 different varieties:

Peron - a classic "beefsteak" tomato, particularly resistant to bugs and disease

Amish Paste - supposed to be especially tasty (although the name hardly sounds it)

Yellow Pear - yes, it's supposed to look like that

Mexico Midget - wildly un-p.c., but the description of hundreds of tiny red tomatoes all season long entices me.

They're now in the raised bed, shielded with the biggest tomato cages Lowe's carries (last year our tomatoes dramatically outgrew their supports).

We also went out to eat (thanks to my wonderful parents) at the Greenhouse Grille, my new favorite in Fayetteville where most dishes are organic and/or local.

me and my boy - so happy


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