Tuesday, July 29, 2008

first food

So I had been planning to wait until Liam turns 6 months to introduce solid foods. My research had convinced me that at 6 months a baby's digestive system is better prepared to handle new foods...and Liam has had issues with regularity from day one...

And then I started reading up on making homemade baby food, so I would have plenty of time to prepare myself for the logistics of it. That's when I read the "signs" to look for when determining if your baby is ready for solids:

Good head control - check
An interest in our food - check (he LOVES to watch us eat)
Wanting to nurse more frequently, like when he was a newborn - check...
Losing the tongue-thrust reflex - check (at this point I had to test it...)

So I caved and gave him so avocado.

First bite
What the...?


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