Sunday, August 31, 2008

San Diego - week 2

We haven't had good internet connection since we've been home. So, here is the update from our second week in San Diego. Some of these pictures are copied from Molly's myspace, which is why they're smaller.
It was amazing to see how quickly he adapted to life on the go.

Some days it was hotter in San Diego than it was back in Arkansas... Heat wave!

Grammy and Granddaddy

Great Great Aunt Shirley and Great Great Aunt Georgia, who's tasting Liam's thumb.

Another Great Great Aunt Shirley

Uncle Caleb. Freshly shaven and ready for bootcamp!

Auntie Sarah and Hannah

He loved the handle of Molly's suitcase. Tasty.

Auntie Linda, where is your hair?

Desserts at Heaven Sent in Hillcrest. Yum.

Uncle FoFo and Uncle HayHay (Forest's buddy Hayden).

Ready to drive home from Whole Foods...

Line Dancing
I went line dancing one night with Molly and Emily.

This guy named Al tried to teach me how to 2-step. I'm really bad at it.

I'm also really bad at pool.

It was great to get to see Emily again.

La Jolla Cove

We drove up to L.A. with Molly, Emily, and Forest one day to get special fabric for circus. We had a fun time finding parking both in the fabric district and then in Hollywood. My general impression of Hollywood remains the same: it's a dirty place in every sense of the word. But, it was fun to take Liam to such a CA landmark... The drive back down to SD normally takes 2 hours or so. We hit traffic all the way down the coast. It took 5 hours.

Auntie Molly

The Hollywood sign is to the right of my ear...can you see it?

At Beard Papa's, a cream puff eatery.

You choose the cream puff, and they fill it for you right there.

Liam liked the looks of the cream puffs...

Seasoned traveler.


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