Friday, February 26, 2010

at the fire station

Today, Liam and I joined Rochelle and Sage for a morning tour of the local fire station with the Mothering Matters crew.

What do you get when you crowd a group of toddlers, their camera-wielding mothers, assorted strollers, and firefighters who want to talk about the details of their work? A little bit of chaos, a few temper tantrums, and lots of happy little boys.

Liam thought all of the trucks were great, all of the kids a bit intimidating, and the noisy gear a little scary. He anxiously clung to another mom's leg at one point, thinking it was me. But all in all, he had a good morning.

Trying to get good pictures was tricky. You could definitely say these boys were a bit distracted.
So many trucks. Where to begin?
Modeling the serious observer look.
Learning about the jaws of life. Sage thought it was a vacuum...
More serious observing while trying out the passenger seat in the big ladder truck.
He especially liked all the tires...
Future firefighter? I'm not sure if the pacifier is standard gear...
Thanks, Rochelle and Sage, for taking us along for the tour.

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  1. His big blue eyes and long lashes with those full cheeks remind me of that cute yellow tweety bird that would bat his eyelashes in the cartoons.

    My b-i-l was a fireman and he used to talk of the kids that would come tour the station and how fun it was. He had Dalmations and would bring them in sometimes for the tours. I would say it was a fun time had by all on those days.