Thursday, October 7, 2010

deep greens and blues are the colors I choose

River's wardrobe is full of Liam-hand-me-downs, which means some of the stuff is badly stained.

For the most part, stains don't bother me. They are like the living room that isn't too pristine and put together: they say someone lives here. But these long-sleeved onesies were gross.
Instead of tossing them, I remade them with two packets of Rit dye and a handful of rubber bands. Following the easy dye instructions on MADE, I transformed three of the onesies with awesome tie dye, and left the other two solid colors.

horizontal stripes

center swirl

I also made a horizontal striped onesie in a forest green, but he hasn't worn it yet for a picture.
This was my first attempt with dyeing fabric, and I think I'm hooked. It was a lot of fun and was a project I completed in one afternoon. I see more color recreations in my future...


  1. I really like the dark blue! Great idea!

  2. I LOVE tie dye! I've had pretty bad luck with it though. Think I might give it a whirl again though - yours turned out great!

  3. Crystal- maybe we could make some together sometime. It would be fun...