Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I can't help myself...

I just love blog giveaways!

Here are the links to several I stumbled across on Grosgrain Fabulous earlier today.

The Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag in the winner's choice of fabrics.

The Made by Rae Jackpack Backpack. Liam would just love this. He has a thing for bags, too.
The Kookles Nursing Cover. I'm hoping this next baby won't object to having something draped over while nursing. Liam hated it. But would sure love it for the sake of everyone else around...

The Gaga Bum Reversible Pinafore. Gabe and I are becoming more and more convinced that we're having a girl. It's really just a sneaking suspicion, but I would love to have a little girl for this pinafore...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


  1. Just incase baby #2 hates being covered too. These look like they would be easy to sew. and cute too!

  2. If you have a girl, she'll be getting a prairie bonnet (like Grace's) from me. :)


    PS-Jeff, my numbers man, read that the mom's first "gut feeling" about the baby's gender is right 80% of the time! But we will also love your baby if he is a boy!

  3. congratulations on your pregnancy! i hope you're feeling well. thanks for the links...i shall check them out.

    ps i LOVE your e.b.browning quote.