Friday, September 4, 2009

a little suit

Liam is going to be the flower boy for Molly's wedding next month, and he needed a little ivory suit. Naturally, I'm making it for him.

It's made from a linen/cotton blend, and I'm using Butterick 6894.

I made the coat first, which turned into several attempts since the pattern was way too big. There was lots of seam-ripping involved, but I finally got it just right.

I reduced the size of the matching vest based on how much I eventually took in the edges on the coat, but it turned out way too small... More seam-ripping. At least I hadn't trimmed the seam allowance yet, so I was able to leave the teeniest of seam allowances and it fits just right.

I wanted to get the full effect for a picture, but I absolutely could not find his white button-up, which I distinctly remember bringing home from the thrift store and washing a month or so ago. It was not hanging in his closet. Not in his t-shirt drawer. Not with the "saving-for-when-they-fit" clothes. Not with the suit materials...

So, here are the coat and vest (sans white collared shirt) on a not-so-willing model.
And here they are hanging up.

I almost have the pants finished, too. Complete ensemble pictures coming soon.
And of course, later that same afternoon, I found Liam carrying around the missing shirt. I still have no idea where he found it...