Monday, January 18, 2010

for Haiti

Since hearing about the devastating earthquake in Haiti nearly a week ago, I've struggled with my reponse to it. It is terribly tragic. So terrible that it's hard to wrap my mind around. And the news seems to just be getting worse and worse.

And, honestly, I have been so wrapped up in my little world, full of its own busyness and distractions, that I haven't allowed my thoughts to travel much to those suffering in Haiti. But that doesn't mean the problem doesn't continue to be awfully real. It's clear that what they need most, besides our prayers, is money. And money I do not have.

But then I stumbled across craft hope and their for Haiti Etsy Shop. It is full of handmade items for purchase, where all of the profits go directly to relief in Haiti through Doctors Without Borders.

Clearly, this is something I can do.

So, I did.

I had a stash of handmade goodies just waiting for the right opportunity. I submitted them this afternoon, so they should be available for viewing, and purchase, tomorrow.

Here is what I donated:

a recycled one-piece sweater outfit, size 3-6 months
update: SOLD
Recycled sweater pants, size 6-9 months
update: SOLD

Recycled sweater hat, size 0-6 months (Liam has one just like it...)
update: SOLD

A handknit bamboo baby romper, size newborn
update: SOLD

A reusable cloth snack bag
update: SOLD
In the last 2 days, the entire time the store has been up and running, it has brought in over $7,000. My offerings are small beans in comparison, but every little bit helps.


  1. what a great idea. and lovely work:)

  2. What a super super awesome idea! :D Trish

  3. Dorothy, I thought you and your readers might enjoy this:
    Free yarn! :)