Monday, January 4, 2010

okay...catching up

The holidays are now behind us, and so is all the frenzied crafting. I didn't take pictures of it all, but here are a few:

I handknit stockings for our family, starting back in July with the goal of one a month. Of course, I fell behind and ended up without a stocking for Forest. Sorry, Bud.

But what good are stockings without a mantel to hang them by our new wood stove? Gabriel came up with this beautiful pair the weekend before Christmas.
Some details:

I used Christmas Stockings: 18 Holiday Treasures to Knit (Elaine Lipson) for the following two stockings.

Snowy Night Gansey Stocking
This simple pattern came together quickly. I also used this same basic shape to create the red and white stocking pictured above.
Diamonds in the Rough Argyle Stocking
This one was the most difficult to knit: It was my first attempt with argyle knitting. Keeping all of those colors untangled along the back proved quite the challenge. But I think it is my favorite stocking out of the bunch.
Fisherman's Cable Stocking
I can't remember the name of this pattern, but the cable pattern was much easier than I expected.
Some of the gifts:
When we were in high school, Gabriel really wanted a leather jacket. Some of his siblings went together at Christmas to buy him a pleather jacket, which he proudly wore for a long time; however, it has sat untouched and unworn in our closet since we've been married.
I asked if I could recycle it into Christmas gifts, and he agreed.
the jacket: before
the purse and wallet: after
I made this set for Molly. I thought she might like something a bit more grown up, now that she is a married woman :-)
The wallet interior with lots of slots for cards...
A jumper for Grace, with a wee mouse puppet in the pocket.
Mrs. Potato Head for Grace
There were much much more handcrafted gifts. I was just too pressed for time to take pictures of them all:
  • Tote Bag and Reusable Bulk Bags for Carolyn and Cindy
  • Mama Wrap (warm shawl) for Carolyn
  • Hat and Mitten Sets from recycled sweaters for Ben and Carolyn
  • Hat and Pants Set from a recycled sweater for Grace
  • Backpack filled with Cat, Dog, and Mouse Puppets for Hannah
  • Slippers for Sarah
  • Rice-filled Heat Pack for Kenny

And for Liam:

  • Cow-print Apron for his Play Kitchen
  • Felt Food (we all worked together on this)
  • Red and White Striped Pajama Pants
  • Magnetic Mr. Potato Head for the refrigerator

I'll try to post pictures of Liam's gifts later.

I had a lot of fun making special and customized gifts, but I should definitely get an earlier start next year...


  1. I am amazed. This is crazy. How did you do it all? You did a beautiful job! I love the new leather creations, but the stockings are my favorite. How did your sewing machine do sewing on leather?

    I put some books in the mail for you today. :)

  2. Excellent job on EVERYTHING!! The wallet and purse are awesome!! And who doesn't love felt food??? You are incredible! Now take a break! You deserve it!