Thursday, July 15, 2010

at the aquatic center

Yesterday, we went to the aquatic center in Springdale. I'm not sure how I have lived in Northwest Arkansas for nearly seven years without ever knowing about this place, but it was great. There is an entire gated area perfect for little toddlers, and another big splash area with little slides. Not to mention shade awnings over sections of the swimming areas and benches to splash and sit on, too.

But, everyone has to pay to get in.

Yep, we had to pay admission for River !?!
As long as he had a special someone to hold him, River had a great time. He may have even gotten his $2 worth...
Not one to hold back, Liam splashed and played and splashed some more. He was super excited to swim with his Auntie Linda and Ethan.
Water slides? Yes, please.
River got some special pool time with his Auntie Linda, too.
Hurray for swimming on a hot hot hot summer day.

Forest and Hayden were at the pool, too, but somehow I never got a picture of them...


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