Saturday, July 31, 2010

taking care

This is Liam's meerkat, known as Kittycat. I'm not sure he realizes it isn't actually a cat...but it's a favorite nonetheless. Kittycat needed to snuggle in the bouncy seat with Liam and Gee, the blanket.
And then Kittycat was ready for some stories.
Liam so rarely has pretend play with his stuffed toys and dolls. That was one of my favorite modes of play when I was little (although I also had my favorite cars, too), so it is always a treat to see him explore imaginative play without my initiating it.
Kittycat enjoyed the time, too.
Another rare occurence lately:
Washing Liam's hair.
Grammie has been the only one able to persuade him to cooperate in the last couple of months, and she doesn't give him that many baths.
And he also refuses to have his hair brushed.
So when Liam woke up with a major fro yesterday morning, we faced the inevitable.
He likes the new do. I like the idea of no more hair-battles.
But, oh, how much I miss those golden locks...


  1. But look at those adorable eyelashes! I never noticed them before because of his handsome curls. :)

  2. Wow!! He looks just like forest with his hair like that!!