Friday, May 29, 2009


After some yummy french toast on Sunday morning, Liam was ready to go back outside on the farm. He banged on the door and fussed until Gabriel took him outside.

In the milking parlor with Great Great Uncle Jim and Flash.

That afternoon was warm and sunny. Liam's bum was still pretty raw from the pear incident, so he played outside au naturale.
Clearly, tractor rides are more fun this way...

And a bucket of water is always fun.

The best part was the ride on the new lawn mower.
I took Liam into Atwoods (the local farm store) yesterday to get some chicken supplies, and he flipped out when he saw the lawn mowers. I'd say they are a newly found passion of his.
What started as an asparagus patch in the garden many years ago has turned into wild asparagus throughout the farm. Gabriel and I went to dig up one of the distant ones to try and transplant to our garden. He picked what he thought was a small section, but turned into quite the endeavor to dig up.

It was probably the best weekend we've spent on the farm yet. Thanks for such a great visit!

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  1. Nude on the tractor - that is the type of picture that goes in the senior year book baby section! Looks like a wonderful weekend.