Monday, July 20, 2009

The Pigeon Roost Trail

In case I've never mentioned it here before, the weather in Arkansas is fickle.

Last week: 100+ every day.
This weekend: highs were in the 80's. And the lows were in the 60's!!!

The only fitting way to celebrate such great weather in the Ozarks is with a morning hike, even if that means skipping church to do so.

We drove out to one of our favorite hiking spots, the Pigeon Roost Trail in Hobbs State Park. It is a 4.5 mile loop which meanders through the forest and dips down to one of Beaver lake's many branches.

Liam decided he had to play in the water, even though we didn't have swim gear, sandals, or a spare diaper. Going commando in a onesie and a pair of socks worked just fine for him.

throwing rocks

taking a dip

looking at fish

dripping dry

He even did some hiking on his own.

It all made for a sleepy ride home.


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