Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Liam has been difficult to keep happy lately. He is still working on cutting in that stubborn molar, which seems to really bother him. He has needed his pacifier and his blanket a lot lately...But sometimes I think he is just bored. Especially with me. So I have been trying to be extra creative and come up with new things for him to do.

Playdough experience round 1:

I cooked up a batch of playdough for him to try out. At first he seemed a bit uncertain.

Do I eat this stuff?

But with a little help, he got the idea pretty quickly.
It was especially fun to hammer and smoosh the balls of dough.

All in all, this gave me about 5 minutes of happy and entertained boy. And then the grouch returned.

Other ideas we've tried:
  • Putting fabric scraps in a basket he can sort through. He especially likes to feel the different textures.

  • Letting him help me cook (translate: throw flour all over the floor)

  • Playing dress-up (this seems to be a favorite)

  • Playing dress-up with Dahlia.

I'd be happy for any other suggestions :-)

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  1. Making and eating fresh popsicles out of fruit juices, chunks, and purees :) in the ice cube tray. They will feel really good on his molar, get in a serving of fruit (or veggies if you use some carrot or other sweet veggie), and pass a little time.

    Read together, with funny voices.

    Fingerpainting outside.