Wednesday, July 8, 2009

since then

Here is an update from the past couple of weeks since our trip to New Orleans:

Liam - teething, temper tantrums, and general grouchiness...

Me - compassionate, patient Mama giving way to exhausted, frustrated, just-please-stop-crying Mama

Getting stuck under the couch
Making really big messes (I intentionally let him do this one...on a particularly fussy day when I was desperate for a few moments of peace and quiet. It worked for abut 30 minutes, but then I had to clean it up)
A new haircut. Suddenly he looks so much like a little by. Maybe that has been his problem the past few weeks? Growing up can be a difficult thing :-)
4th of July watermelon
Story time with Daddy. Liam has become very interested in books again. His favorites are ones involving flaps and puppy dogs.
Still managing to be cute, even with the necessary pacifier in his mouth (he usually just gets this while going to sleep)
Here's to hoping for happier days...soon!


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