Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gardening au naturale

One of Liam's favorite activities...


  1. someday Liam is going to join a nudist hippie colony and I won't be a bit surprised... :)

  2. I saw your post on, and had a question. You said that you used the BumGenius OS cloth diapers with prefolds, and I want to do the same. I was just wondering, were they super bulky with the prefolds in them? I was thinking I'd only get maybe six OS diapers and about two dozen prefolds to get started (I'm new to this! Oliver has been in disposables for three months.) you think that would be a good start? My email is, I'd love to hear your take on things! I know one person who CDs, and she uses covers. I don't want to have to buy covers in different sizes. Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you soon!