Saturday, August 15, 2009

A kitty-sized dog pillow

I'm working on reupholstering our sofa, and decided that Dahlia needed a pillow to lay on instead of the couch... this may be wishful thinking.

So I scrapped together a simple Log Cabin-ish top, which I quilted together with a layer of batting and sheeting, and then sewed it up into a boxed sham for an old pillow.I just used whatever struck my fancy from the scrap basket. It was fun to get to use the last bits of old-world circus fabric, and to sneak in some fabric I salvaged from a pair of Gabriel's cast-off boxers. My mother-in-law should recognize a lot of the scraps she passed on to me, and Janelle might recognize some of the vintage fabric from her Uncle's chair pillows that I recovered for our porch chairs.

And then I put it on the floor for Dahlia, beckoned her off of her perch on the couch, and suggested she take it for a trial snooze. Suddenly it was ridiculously clear that I had either overestimated the size of a standard pillow or underestimated the girth of our beagle...

So it is now a cat pillow. Hopkins approves.
So for now, Dahlia will be pillow-less and I'll keep chasing her off the couch...

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  1. Did you quilt it with your new machine? Please tell me you didn't quilt it by hand. :) Looks great!