Monday, October 26, 2009

I've been busy. Really.

This was a much longer than anticipated break. Sorry. But the good news is that the morning sickness is finally gone. Oh, the magic of the 2nd trimester...
I have been accomplishing things around here, even if this blog hasn't shown much of it:

Recently Completed projects
  • 3 handknit Christmas Stockings
  • a refinished rocking chair
  • a new purse for me
Works in progress
  • 3 more stockings
  • slippers for Liam
  • a birthday present for my niece Grace
  • reupholstering our couch
I'm also getting back into the groove of bread baking and tapering off the "easy" dinners, now that I am feeling better.
Here's the rocking chair, before and after.
This was a Craigslist freebie. It was missing a back slat and had an ugly faux oak finish. And those wings on the side.
But it was nothing a lot of sanding couldn't fix... The wings are gone, and the back slat is replaced. The new finish is Olympic's English Walnut.
I'm hoping to be in this space more often ... I guess that remains to be seen.


  1. the chair is gorgeous! so glad you're feeling better. and thanks for the well wishes:) two under two is not so bad...but i've yet to take them out of the house;)

  2. It is good to have you back!! The rocking chair looks great and having just done a little chair for Wilma with smooth rungs I know the sanding was not easy. Did you get sawdust all over the house too??
    Love you - Mom