Tuesday, October 13, 2009

San Diego - part 3

Monday was wedding day.

I got up early and went with my mom to San Diego Wholesale to buy all of the flowers for the bouquets and the cake. We didn't plan ahead for the time we'd spend in the gigantic refrigerator to select the flowers. Our teeth were chattering, but we came out with armloads of gerbera daisies, statice, coffee berries, amaranth, and more and more flowers a greenery.

I spent the next few hours arrranging 5 bridesmaid bouquets, the bride's bouquet, and the cake toppers, while my mom and Sue Seydel decorated 60+ cupcakes with mums and greenery.

They all turned out beautiful despite the ticking clock. As soon as the flowers were complete, I loaded them up in the car and picked up Gabriel, Liam, Cindy, and Forest. After a drive through In-n-Out for burgers, we spent the next 2 hours on the road to Riverside.

The wedding was in a circus tent in the middle of a field. Everything was circus: a ticket booth, animal cages with plush lions and tigers, a life-sized elephant, antique cars and trucks, carousel ponies. It couldn't have been more perfect for Molly and Andres.

The wedding ceremony itself was simple: traditional with some circus flair. The bridal party walked in to Bach, Liam leading the way as the "popcorn boy" (rather than flowers...), but he ate the popcon down the aisle instead of throwing it.

The officiant was a circus ringmaster, and he conducted the ceremony in a seamless blend of spanish and english.

Molly and Andres' kiss was blush-worthy.

When the ceremony was over we all danced out to the Black Eyed Peas "I've got this feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night..."

The reception was filled with tasty food from El Pollo Loco, a circus performance, dancing, cake, champagne (don't worry, I had sparkling cider...)

Cindy was an amazing help with Liam. She entertained him while I was busy with pre-wedding preparations, and she kept him busy during the reception so Gabriel and I could eat and visit with my long-distance family. But best of all, Liam had lots of one-on-one time with Grandma, and he seemed to really warm up to her. It was special.

We called it a night at 9, even though the dancing was just getting started. Liam had fallen asleep in Gabe's arms, and we still had a 2 hour drive back down to San Diego.

I'll post more pictures as soon as Molly sends me a picture cd.

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