Saturday, October 3, 2009

San Diego - part1

We left Arkansas for California Thursday evening after Gabriel got home from work. Our car was full: the three of us plus my mom and brother, all of our luggage, a car-top carrier on the roof, and a bike and umbrella stroller on a rack off the back.

We drove straight through the night, swapping drivers as we became too tired. Liam slept mostly through the night, but when he was awake, he was still content with his Grammie and Uncle Forest on either side of him. He liked being able to reach over and stroke my mom's hair or rub Forest's arm. And they fed him snacks when he woke up in the midle of the night. It was definitely his kind of road trip.

We stopped at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast in Gallup, New Mexico. It was good to be out of the car for a while, and Forest finally conquered the tabletop game. You know, the one where the goal is to be left with only one pin.

And then it was back on the road. When we finally crossed the Californa border, we stopped in Needles to fill up the gas tank, where they charged $3.69 a gallon. My mom and Gabriel insisted we only put in a few gallons, enough to get us to Barstow without breaking the bank. Three gallons later we were climbing the desert mountainous pass, and burning more gas than we had thought. When the gas light came on, it was clear that we would not make it to Barstow, and we might not even make it to the only other hope between here and there: Ludlow. So we turned off the A/C, drove 55 mph, and praqyd our way to the gas station. We made it, barely. We filled the gas tank all the way to the top, even though it was outrageously expensive, and we had ice cream all around to celebrate not being stranded in the desert.

Liam definitely approved.

We finally made it to Pomona Friday evening, where Molly and Andres were performing at the LA County Fair. We stopped by the hotel where my grandprents were staying for the weekend and were treated to a nasty blowout diaper from Liam. All down his legs. All over the carseat. We were using disposables for the trip, and they just don't work as well as cloth. So, he took a bath, ad we each took turns in the shower, and it was great to be off the road.

We all spent the night in Molly and Andres' trailer, which slept all 7 of us comfortably. Liam slet with me and Gabriel, and I discovered that he moves around in his sleep. Alot.

The next morning we went to Molly and Andres' co-ed bridal shower at IHOP. Here's the entire group:

We all spent the afternoon at the Fair, where it was very very hot. More ice cream was definitely needed.

The happy couple

It was so good to see Rachael.

One of the attractions at the fair was the african safari made entirely out of plants and flowers.

Here's Gabriel's GQ pose in front of the giraffes (also made out of plants...)

Liam loves his Uncle Fofo.

Like I said, it was hot.

Andres is in a family of wire walkers, and they have a piratey theme. Molly is now one of the family.
That's Andres on the far right, his Uncle Walter with the sword, his Aunt Vicky in th egold top, and Molly in the red boots.
Walter and Andres' cousin Hernan were frightening to watch on this.
Especially when Hernan did this at the very top.
Here's Molly in a split on Andres and Walter's shoulders. They're pretty amazing.
After the show, we finally made the rest of the trip down to San Diego, where Liam was hapy to end his day in the bath with his cousin Hannah.


  1. So glad you are all back safely!

  2. Dorothy - I must say your life is a lot more intersting than mine right now! I can't believe you all drove out their in the element. How did you work the car seat with three people in the back? Just wondering in case we need to use your tricks someday.