Friday, September 24, 2010


Earlier this week, a huge garden spider set up its web right outside Liam's bedroom window. We have all enjoyed watching Liam's Spider as it built its web and then feasted on trapped flies.

And then Liam discovered that he can torment the spider: spraying the web with the hose, throwing sticks at it, and swiping the web down with his hands.

The spider quivers, seeking shelter. Running from the all-too-curious toddler.

And then it rebuilds right back where it started. I hardly notice the spider's return before the web is complete once again, and the spider is framed happily in the window.

I remind Liam that this spider is special. It chose to be in his window right where he can see it. It is a special gift that we don't want to destroy. But this message seems lost on my little one who seems to take such delight in destruction.

But despite his inhospitable host, this spider keeps coming back.

I need to be more like Liam's Spider.

To contentedly rebuild the messes he delights in making. To pick myself up after he swipes away at my plans for the day. And to hold fast to my composure after he tests me again and again.

But first, let's back up to yesterday. Liam did not nap. He was in his room for 3 1/2 hours. He still did not nap.

I felt frazzled, fed up, and exhausted.

Needless to say, we ate at the taco shop for dinner.

And then today, he spent 2 hours in his room, not napping, before I went in and discovered him standing on the changing table, filling the fish tank with all of River's cloth diaper wipes, a tub of rash cream, and the rest of the fish food

I began the process of cleaning the mess, and he took that as his cue to run around the house, pulling out everything he could get his hands on

He was a tornado of destruction. A living terror on a radio flyer scoot bike

I nearly came unglued. I was debating between laying down and crying face first on the hardwood floor or calling Gabriel and telling him that I needed him to come home now! when I noticed that my neighbor Trish was home early from work

And that is how I got through the afternoon: Liam went to play with Trish while I cleaned up the mess. I think I owe her my sanity

Both kids are in bed now, and we are getting ready to watch the SEASON PREMIERE! of Grey's Anatomy with a bowl of (dairy-free) chocolate ice cream.

What a day. What a day.


  1. Oh Dorothy, I can SO feel your pain. Believe me I have days like that too. Just know you are in good company and it is ok to scream sometimes. I do.

  2. Mama said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this my mama said. (Mama said, mama said)

    I'm so sorry I wasn't there to help! But I'm so glad God arranged for Trish to be home. And I'm so pleased that every 24 hours we get to start over.

    Mama said.

  3. Hoping for a fresh day tomorrow!!