Wednesday, September 8, 2010

weekend camping

Is it really already Wednesday? This week has been slipping through my grasp. So many things to do, and not enough time to do them.

Despite the hectic start to my week, we had a wonderful labor day weekend: camping out at New Life Ranch. The Maples invited the Francos who invited us. We are so glad they did.

We set up our tents at one of the ranch's camping sites, tucked up in the hills and just a short hike from the creek. A 2-year old boy's version of heaven.

Splashing in the creek with his buddy, Sage, and a friendly canine friend, Kelty.

Liam's first canoe ride.

This was River's first camping trip (not counting our trip while I was 37 weeks pregnant...).
He loved it.

Especially since Grammie was there to share it with.
And camping wouldn't be camping without the Franco family. This picture cracks me up. Everyone really was having a good time. Really.
Sage and his Granddaddy Longlegs...
Ever the little extrovert, Liam loved all of the commotion and play that came along with the four Maple kids. (That's Sage in the foreground, saying good morning...)
All of the commotion and play.
And some tent-style snoozing...
An evening spent around the campfire
(this is the proverbial gun on the mantel... you've been forewarned).
S'mores. Liam-approved.
The bedtime plan for Liam was to let him have a late night, enjoying the campfire, smores, a night under the stars...
But as soon as he ate his last bite of smore, he hit major meltdown mode. I need a nap! I need to go to bed. I need to sleep in the tent. Now! All screaming, flailing about. I couldn't get him to bed fast enough.
Much better.
The best thing about early fall camping: needing something warm to snuggle upon waking...
And the pancakes.
Okay, remember the gun on the mantel?
We didn't light a fire in the morning, instead cooking over our campstoves. But the ashes and coals in the fire pit were still hot from the night before. Liam discovered that he is not a firewalker after all.
He's fine.
His feet are fine.
No blistering, just some swollen tenderness.
And a lesson well-learned: we do not walk across the fire pit. Never ever.


  1. Looks like a great trip, and a lesson learned that he'll never forget. Glad he's OK. :)

  2. Oh no!!!! Good thing Liam is one tough cookie. Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine, OUCH! Looked like an otherwise lovely weekend - you never cease to amaze me, though - camping with a 4 month old just doesn't sound worth it...but you're amazing and can pretty much do anything, I've decided :-)

  3. @Jonathan

    Yes, it was a rough way to learn that lesson, but it really could have been so much worse. And he is perfectly fine now.

  4. @Crystal
    The funny thing is that taking my 4 month old camping never gave me pause... I'm always much more hestitant to do anything with Liam :-)Shows you how different our kid's personalities are...