Monday, September 20, 2010

It was fun while it lasted...

For the past few weeks we have been getting raw goat's milk from a small farm in nearby northeast Oklahoma, and for the past few weeks River has been increasingly irritable and gassy.

I am embarrassed that it has taken me this long to figure it out: River is allergic to dairy, which includes goat's milk.

My selfishness is shocking sometimes. I so wanted him to tolerate goat's milk because I wanted real milk, real cheese, and real yogurt.

Apparently this is the lesson I am still supposed to learn: parenting is all about self-sacrifice. Just when I think I get it, I am humbled again. So, parenting is also all about humility. Realizing just how dense I can be at times.

So, the goat's milk was fun while it lasted. We all fell in love with the farm and the goats. So, allow me to indulge in one last hurrah.

This is Nuby
the nubian goat

This is Blondie
the kid

Every time we made the drive out to Leach, OK (yes, the town is apparently named after a blood-sucking parasite...), Mike the farmer was more than happy to stop whatever he was doing and let us visit with the goats.

The goats were all friendly and obviously well-loved. Liam especially enjoyed seeing the goats every week. We're all sad that we can't drink their yummy milk anymore.

Notice I said we.

Liam may be allergic to dairy as well. Last week, I was talking with a woman at our church who has two grown children with dairy allergies.

She was able to give me lots of advice, start probiotics for both kids, wait until River is at least 6 months before introducing solid foods, and she suggested that Liam's poor appetite may be an indicator that also is dairy-allergic.

Liam isn't just finicky. He doesn't eat dinner. And if he eats more than a bite or two, we are impressed.

And it would also explain his constant crankiness from infancy, regularity issues, and frequent stomach aches.

So, we've cut him off from dairy, too.

Gabriel is the lone dairy-drinker in our house now, and once he finishes the goat's milk we had already brought home, we'll all be dairy-free at home. At least for now.

We are all working on adjusting. Adjusting meals. Adjusting flavors. Adjusting expectations.


  1. Oh Dorothy, I'm so sorry. Not that it's a tragedy, but sorry you have to adjust. I had no idea that dairy included goat...or that goat's milk, etc., bothered anyone. I used goat's milk after nursing for both my kids.

    Do you guys like almond milk on cereal or in baking? We do. I don't know what would replace cheese, though! :(

    I hope both boys' tummies feel better. Didn't Amanda discover, very late in the game, that Caleb couldn't have milk?

    Sorry again.

  2. I second almond milk. There is controversy and possible allergies with soy (although it is still my main dairy free). The almond has a milky consistency whereas the rice milk is more watery. Maybe look into vegan dairy. Daiya cheese is supposed to be very good. Coconut ice cream and yogurts. I have read somewhere that the ability to drink milk (other than human) is actually not average. Try asian cuisine as they are almost always dairy free, Thai, south african and south american should also be very low in dairy as most of the population is lactose intolerant.
    I was diagnosed quite early because I made my mom very sick when she was pregnant and drinking milk, and when they gave it to me I turned into exorcist baby. Allergies or reactions are much more tricky to detect. Also many hot dogs have dried non-fat milk in them too (kosher should be fine since dairy and meat together are not Kosher). Good luck, you can always email me.

  3. Oh my goodness!! This has become a huge change for all of you! I was thinking of soy too. And I also knew that humans aren't really meant for cow's milk. So actually your kids are totally normal and it's the milk-drinkers who are AB-normal. Whenever I drink milk, it doesn't seem natural to me that I'd be able to consume it. Both my little brother and I were intolerant when we were little, and I grew up avoiding it most of the time. Only in the last few years have I really incorporated dairy into my diet. Also, you'll be able to indulge again once you are done breast-feeding. :) I'll be happy to sneak off to Braum's with you some late evening...:)

  4. It's definitely a lot of change for all of us; although Liam is totally taking it all in stride. I'm working up an update post with my thoughts and concerns with the whole dairy-free scenario. Thanks for all of your well-wishing.