Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Introducing Liam the Garden Gnome.

The weather was warm enough for bare feet and some tummy time outside (he's still nowhere near crawling...we're doing good to get him to stay on his stomach for 5 minutes. He just doesn't like it. Especially when he could be sitting up instead).

After some pictures in the yard, and an afternoon nap, we got ready to go to the Downtown Trick or Treat, where the local businesses hand out candy so the kids flock together. We walked the few blocks from our house and found a deserted street. We missed it by a half an hour. So sad. So disappointing. Who knew Trick or Treating ended at 5:30?

Despite the disappointment Downtown, Liam loved seeing his Auntie Lindas disguised as a gypsy.

Gabe only worked a half day, and spent extra time with our little gnome. It ended up a great first Halloween.


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