Thursday, November 13, 2008


Last week, Gabriel went to Seattle on a business trip with his work buddy David. They were gone 5 days and had a great trip, although I was definitely ready for him to come home by Friday.

Seattle was pleasantly overcast, rainy, and cold. What else is there?

Who needs Grey's Anatomy when you have your very own McDreamy?

Pike Place Market. Awesome.

You just don't see this in Arkansas. Yum.
Gabe brought me back some garlic jelly (I know, it sounds gross; but, it's really pretty good for stir fry. I put it in some chili. It was good). He also brought home some organic herbed gouda, which he bought from the seller who farmed just outside of town. Inspiring.

They took a midnight drive around Olympic National Park and wished they could enjoy the scenery. Here is the "Big Cedar." Its girth fills the entire screen. The picture just can't do it justice.

Pristine water. Lush greenery. Beautiful.

A trip up Mount Rainier and into the snow.

But wait, you say, wasn't this a business trip? Gabriel and David did get everything done at the Wal Marts they were scheduled to scope. They also put over 1,000 miles on their rental car and woke up early and stayed up late every day. He came back exhausted, but the trip was well worth it!


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