Thursday, November 13, 2008

A muffin, biscuit, tea, and a kimono

Liam really likes to eat. His favorite? Carbs in just about any form. Here he is enjoying a pumpkin molasses muffin. He easily ate the entire thing.

His first tooth is just about to pop through. I can feel it just beneath his gum on the bottom. These teething biscuits sure seem to help.

All done!

Auntie Linda shared her Jasmine tea.
Liam really liked it.

Auntie Molly brought back this kimono from Japan. The fan is from her trip a couple of years ago. Liam likes them both.

Thanks Auntie Molly!

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  1. what a sweetie--and i love the name liam so much. we gave my daughter a pumpkin muffin yesterday for her first birthday, but she'd only eat a few bites. i wish she were a more robust eater!