Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter camping

We spent the holiday weekend camping just across the state line at Roaring River State Park in Missouri. Gabriel's coworkers had really talked it up, and although it was nestled in the Ozarks, it's real appeal is to campers of the satellite-equipped RV variety. We were the only tent campers in sight. And we didn't come armed with fishing poles. They must have all thought we were a bit loony.

Liam and I picked Gabriel up after work on Friday, a cold drizzly day. The night's weather didn't improve any, and ended up with freezing temperatures. We bundled Liam up for bed: warm pajamas, a sleep sack, a hat, and mittens, all beneath his fuzzy blanket and heavy quilt from Grandma. He seemed tobe warm enough, although he spent the wee hours of the morning snuggled in the sleeping bag with us.

When we woke up Saturday morning, it was still quite cold, and the grass was more than damp, but within a few hours the sun was up and so was the temperature. The Grays joined us just before lunch, and we all enjoyed a hike in the surrounding woods.

Liam's model shot
Simone loved the flowers. So sweet.
The proud papas

So cool in his shades
Family photo

The Grays (somehow, this is the only picture of Crystal I ended up with...)

Coveting the fly fishermen at the river down below... Getting ready for dinner.

Hobo cobbler. Micah's specialty, and yes, it was as good as it looks!

Early Sunday morning, the rain started and didn't let up. We packed our gear in the rain: Micah in wet shoes left out the night before, and Crystal in chacos and soaked socks. It was kind of miserable. We left the camp ASAP, and stopped at Mimi's for breakfast. All of the other diners were in their Easter frocks. We were in wet camping gear. And hadn't brushed our teeth yet. But the food was good.
An Easter adventure to remember...


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