Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the metamorphosis

I've been meaning to post pictures of my new craft room.

This room has had quite a run:
originally, it was our master bedroom (before the remodel), then a guest bedroom.

It became our office when Linda came to live with us (round 1), then a guest room again when she moved back to CA (the small room at the front of the house became the office).

Before Liam was born, the small room became the nursery and this room became the office/guest room.

And then, for Linda round 2, it transformed into her bedroom, and the office was demoted to the diningroom counter space (as it turns out, I love this space for the computer...)

When Linda left last month, I needed a drastic change. Something bright and fresh but also soothingly peaceful. Serene. This gray blue was the perfect change of pace.
I love having a dedicated crafting space. Where y sewing machine is always at the ready, and my fabric stash is conspicuously present, begging for me to delve in to it.

There is also a play area for Liam, an unblocked view into the backyard, and still a guest space at the other end of the room.

I love how the paint color enhances my dumpster-found artwork. There will surely be many pictures to come from this room's creations...


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have your own room? I miss mine. :)


  2. that room is downright cheery! love it so much! hey, maybe that will be the room in which you show me how to make my first Christmas stocking! (that's a secret way of saying that I have to come over soon with yarn and pattern in hand)