Tuesday, June 23, 2009

canal street and the river front

We spent the first night (the official business trip portion) at the Clarion on Canal street. It was an old hotel complete with creaky, clangy elevators and missing a 13th floor. Liam and I stayed behind while Gabriel went off to scope his Wal-Mart, the plan being for Liam to take a nap while we waited. That absolutely did not happen. After much screaming and protesting on Liam's part, I finally relented and we walked the several blocks down into the French Quarter, where he happily snoozed on my chest.

Since Liam is used to having his own room at night, we knew he needed a little spot all his own for sleeping. So we put him in the closet.

The pack n' play barely fit, but he slept the entire night through and didn't seem too concerned waking up in such close quarters.

You have to love those continental breakfasts.

Liam sure did...

New Orleans is made for walking. And that is what we did. All over the place. Gabriel and I both ended up with blisters and sore feet, but that wasn't as bad as the temperature outside. It was in the high 90's every day, but with the humidity it felt more like 105+. We just got used to being covered in sweat.

From our hotel, it was just a quick walk down Canal Street to the Riverfront. There was music everywhere, perfect for a dancing break.

We passed Molly on the way...

The Mississippi River
Dipping our toes in...
Liam spent the entire weekend in this Mei Tai Wrap, and he never complained about it... He was content to experience each new adventure from the comfort of our arms.

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  1. We've used the closet the same way! Works great with a sleeping bag for a big kid. :)