Wednesday, June 10, 2009

some things are best left up to me...

Such as getting Liam dressed. I grew tired of changing Liam out of Gabriel's chosen outfits, which had a reputation for being unseasonable and, well, interesting. So, then I started laying coordinated and seasonably appropriate outfits out on the changing table. All he has to do is put them on Liam.
Here's what I discovered the other morning:


  1. this looks like a job for Quail Man!

    Favorite cartoon for like a year.

  2. That is totally hilarious!!! I busted out laughing at that picture! :D

  3. I love this! Reminds me of one time Jeff's dad kept baby Jonathan while I ran an errand. I put him in a disposable diaper just in case, but told him he didn't need to change it. When I got back, he was in a disposable diaper, on backwards, with plastic pants over the top. :)

  4. this is hysterical...onesie as unitard. why do dad's not seem to get it when it comes to getting children dressed?

    my husband likes to layer clothes over the pajamas, instead of changing dylan into an actual new, clean outfit.