Thursday, June 25, 2009

In the French Quarter - part 1

Being in New Orleans was like being in another place, literally. Walking down Canal Street could have been downtown San Diego (+ 30 degrees F), and the French Quarter could have been old world Europe. The streets were narrow and lined with historic buildings just brimming with ornate iron work and lush tropical plantings. Of course Bourbon Street had more than its fair share of bars, but there were also restaurants aplenty (more on that later), curio shops, antiques and junque shops, and a great little needlework shop, where I snagged 2 skeins of alpaca yarn...

Our hotel was one corner out of the Quarter, on Frenchmen Street, and was called The Frenchmen Hotel, of course. It was built in 1860 and had lots of charm, including a courtyard pool.

And like any charming hotel built in 1860, the rooms were more hobbit-sized.

And because travelers in the 1860s didn't bring along pack n' plays to put their child into the extra small closet, ours had to sleep in the shower.
But the beautiful pool more than made up for the room's diminutive size.
Liam especially thought so.


  1. oh man, this trip seems like it was so much fun! I want to hear more person :-)
    Let's try to get together this week. I would have this weekend but Micah's mom was here.

  2. oh, that showed up as my mom, as I am using her computer. I don't know how to change it! Sorry!