Sunday, June 28, 2009

In the French Quarter - part 2

We spent the majority of our time walking up and down the French Quarter. It was hot hot hot, but with our water bottles handy and some smears of sunscreen, we were good. We just got used to being constantly sweaty (and a bit stinky, too).

Here we are in that yarn shop, where they offered to wind my yarn for me. It was a lot of fun to actually see a swift in action, and the lady said she's heard of woodworking patterns for making your own. I think that would make an excellent gift (*hint hint* Gabriel).

As much fun as it was to see the different architecture and eclectic assortment of shops, perhaps the best part was actually watching all of the different people. We never knew what we'd find.

Like these people who, apparently, just got married and were out for a stroll.

Or this lady. In front of the St Louis Cathedral.

Right after I snapped her picture, she looked right at me and then began walking straight at me.


Her: You know what?

Me: Just stares dumbfounded and speechless

Her: I went in for communion, and when it was my turn, the priest said "Not for you today" (she says this as if she were impersonating Gollum, while recoiling her body around the forbidden -and imagined- chalice)

Me: Wow.

Her: It must be the way I am dressed. He was totally judging me. And I didn't even take the balloon in with me (Refer to the phallic balloon above. Point taken.) How did he know I wasn't a Messenger or something?

Me: Umm... Well, I think you have to be baptized in the Catholic church to take Communion.

Her: I am. From when I was a baby. I told him and all he said was "Not for you today" (assumes Gollum impression again).

Me: Geez. I'm really sorry.

And then she walked away. At least she wasn't mad that I took her picture...

Here's the St Louis Cathedral, where, apparently, Gollum is the priest.
It was gorgeous inside.

Just in front of the cathedral is Jackson square. And bananas grow there, too.

These horse/mule-drawn carriages were all over the Quarter.

And we couldn't spend time in the French Quarter without a stop at the famous Cafe du Monde for beignets (we passed on their equally famous chicory coffee - bleh).

It seemed that everyone else made the obligatory Cafe du Monde stop at the same time as us. It was packed. While waiting in line, this dragonfly landed on the lady in front of me. It stayed there for a few minutes. She never noticed.

While we waited, Gabriel and Liam watched them making the beignets through the window.

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  1. Dorothy - you really should try writing some books. I always laugh at your blogs. Your writing is excellent.