Monday, January 12, 2009

Great Expectations

There is something so satisfying about flipping through the many gardening catalogs which fill our mailbox this time of year. So many opportunities. So many old friends. So many new seeds to try. These catalogs say that winter doesn't last forever. In fact, it's slipping by fast. Quick, plan your garden, send for seeds.

Yesterday, that is exactly what Gabriel and I did.

Our favorite mail-order seed company is Seeds of Change, an exclusively organic seed company which emphasizes the importance of biodiversity while still continually working to develop the best varieties.

We also will be ordering from Gardens Alive!, which offers not only organic seeds, but also a good selection of fruiting trees and shrubs along with a variety of organic fertilizers and pest remedies. One year, I ordered their sea fertilizer. It worked fantastic, but all of that algae and fish manure made my garden smell like Sea World. They also have a $25-off coupon...

This year, we're planning to try and eke even more out of our garden, working really hard at maintaing succession plantings as well as rotating the crops in each bed based on the season. Also, we're planing to try undersowing cover crops beneath our tomatoes and corn (to boost the soil's nutrition, and also as a fun experiment). We're using Eliot Coleman's Four-Season Harvest as a guide.

from Seeds of Change
from Gardens Alive!
Yep, we have high expectations for this year's garden.

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  1. Ooh, seeds of change is one of my favorites! I need to figure out my order!