Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mr. 10 Months

So, it's time for Regis and Kelly's Beautiful Baby Contest, and I am planning to enter a picture of Liam. No, I don't intend to create a poster child, but there is some major college scholarship money at stake here, not to mention a trip to New York.

I have a few pictures in mind. What do you think?


  1. I was just getting ready to post a comment on how cute he is in the previous post when this one came up. :) My fave pic from today is actually the one where he's saying "ooohhh" at everything. He's just adorable!


  2. I like the first one... if it is the "beautiful baby" contest, that one definitely is beautiful!!!... but they are all adorable...

  3. They're all so cute!!! But the last one is the best!! I hope he wins!!! :)

  4. How can you choose? They're all beautiful! I was gonna comment and give you my opinion, but I honestly can't decide which is cutest!

  5. they're all so very very cute. i think you should go with the first one.