Monday, January 26, 2009

What now?

At his 9 month wellness check-up, the nurse practitioner said Liam is behind on the major motor skills, but seems to excell at the fine motor and verbal skills.

At 10 months, the story is still pretty much the same.

He does not crawl, pull-up on things, scoot, cruise, or regularly roll over.... He does like to stand up and practice balancing by holding on to something, but we have to get him into that position.

He still doesn't like to be on his stomach, so we were surprised when we went to pick him up from the nursery to find him happily playing with toys while lying on his stomach. I commented on it, and the nursery worker said he'd been like that for a while and was scooting (minimally) from side to side and turning himself around! Amazing.

And look what he did this morning: This is major milestone development here...
And then he started screaming because he was stuck.


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Although Jonathan was crawling at this stage, he didn't pull up until 11 mos. His dr. freaked out at 9 mos and 10 mos that he wasn't. He is fine, of course. :) He walked at 14 mos-at little on the later end, but very normal. I'm sure Liam is just fine. And awfully cute.


  2. For all we know Liam is the chosen one and doesn't do things normally. He probably knows how to walk and talk and do long division, he just chooses not to.

  3. Dorothy,
    I love the "stuck" position. I'm sure I have mentioned that Gabriel was perfectly happy to sit and play with whatever toys were handy until he was 10 or 11 months old. Then in that next month he learned to crawl and walk. He hasn't slowed down since. I'm thinking it is time to child proof the house, because Liam is showing signs of getting bored with the sitting!!! :)