Monday, March 8, 2010

let the birthday festivities begin

Liam's birthday is still two weeks away, but his first birthday package came in the mail today. We decided to let him open the package early, thinking he'll appreciate his gifts more if he isn't bombarded with them all at the same time.

This package came all the way from the farm in Iowa. Uncle Jim and Aunt Janelle sure know how to pick a great Liam gift.

Oooh, the anticipation.
It's Elmo!

He needed to put Elmo on right away.

Of course, no Elmo is complete without his very own Elmo to snuggle. It looks like this boy is all set.
Thank you, Jim and Janelle for such a great gift. Now, if we can persuade him to take it off from time to time, we'll be doing good.