Wednesday, March 24, 2010

more special packages

Liam had a package to open everyday in the days leading up to his birthday. He got really good at opening them, and had a lot of fun doing it.

This one came from Granddaddy Woltman and Great Grannie Annie and Great Grandpa in San Diego.
From my grandparents, Liam opened a new book called Before I Go to Sleep by Ronne Randall and Tony Kerins. He is especially loving books before bedtime, and this one is a welcome addition.
Granddaddy's gift came in an Elmo gift bag, which he loves just as much as the terrific wooden construction trucks that came inside.
Thank you for such a thoughtful gift, Granddaddy.
Liam also opened a special birthday card from Great Grandma Gen (and later cards from Jim and Janelle on the farm in Iowa and another from my Grandparents). Daddy helped him read them.
Friday evening, we let him open the gift from us: play kitchen pots and pans (thank you, Ikea) and a wooden fruit set that he can cut apart.
The budding chef.
He seriously loves cutting up the pieces of fruit.
Pure joy.

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