Sunday, March 28, 2010


Liam is all-boy, which lately means he has been going through a lot of band-aids. Luckily, he really likes them, so getting him to allow us to clean and bandage his wounds isn't that big of a deal.

Tonight, he tripped and fell on a glass jar he was carrying. It shattered across the kitchen and sliced the palm of his hand.

There was a lot of blood.

There were several unanswered panicked calls to my mom, and then to Crystal (for the wisdom of her EMT hubby).

We washed the cut, applied several band-aids, and then ate dinner. Liam wolfed down a LOT of peas (a first for him), seemingly unconcerned about the blood seeping from his bandages.

Then my mom called me back and gave me some advice about how to determine if we should take him in for stitches.

After we hung up, I took off the soaked band-aids with Liam's help. It looked a lot better, and was only bleeding a little bit. No ER for us tonight. Whew.

Here are his war wounds with fresh bandages. What a tough little guy.


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