Saturday, April 3, 2010

easter eggs

Today has been a great Saturday.

We went to the opening day of the farmer's market at the Fayetteville Square. Liam was wide-eyed the entire time: so many dogs, so many musicians, so many people.

We bumped into some friends, too.

And we came home with mesclun salad, bacon, and spring onions. Not bad for the first market of the season.

After grocery shopping at Ozark Natural Foods, we also stopped at Target for some before-baby-comes-necessities, and then for treats at Starbucks (thank you kindly, Jared and Allison...).

In the afternoon, we dyed easter eggs together. Liam made a huge mess, which means he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

This is his new camera-smile.
He managed to dye more than the eggs...
Two dozen eggs later, we called it good.
The eggs on the left are store-bought white eggs. The ones on the right are from our own backyard hens. It was fun to see the different shades the two kinds of eggs created.
Now we are headed off to church for the Great Easter Vigil.

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  1. I love the backyard ones! They look so...I don't know...vintage. :) They're very pretty!