Friday, April 23, 2010

apparently, he didn't get the letter

Well, the 22nd came and went.

I did have regular contractions starting in the morning, every 6 minutes or so, and that pattern lasted throughout the day.

My mom came out to Siloam in the evening, I called Trish and told her we may be calling her for Liam-duty in the middle of the night, and the contractions intensified and came closer together.

I was able to fall asleep, waking up every now and then with the stronger contractions, but then I woke up and it was morning.

We're back to mild-ish contractions every 6 minutes or so.

Gabe went to work, and my mom decided to spend the day with me and Liam. Maybe things will intensify. Maybe they won't.

With Liam, it went on like this for a week.


  1. Oh, boy. So tough to wait. I guess this is one reason they call it "labor!"

    Still excited for the happy news!

  2. Well, one thing is clear: River's letting you know who's the boss!