Thursday, April 22, 2010

a letter to the one in utero

Dear Baby River,

We, your family, friends, and loved ones, have decided that today is the best day for you to decide to join us in the outside world.

Daddy says the 22nd of April is perfect because Liam's birthday is March 22nd, so he would be much less likely to forget your birthday.

Grammie won't have to work at Kirkland's, which means she won't have to call in to work.

Liam has been practicing diaper changes with Elmo and is especially anxious to see you ride in your carseat. And to hear you cry. These really are the two things he talks about most.

And our doctor thinks you already weigh about 9 pounds, which is why I would like you to come out very, very soon.

Besides all of that, today is Earth Day, which just seems fitting for a little River James.

Coming five days before your due date is respectable timing: not too early, not too late.

Have I mentioned that I am ready for you to come out?

With much love,



  1. I personally kind of like the 23rd. Keep us posted. Gabriel you had better call me.