Sunday, April 11, 2010

camping trip

We spent this past weekend camping at Devil's Den. I asked my doctor about it beforehand, and since I was only dilated 1/2 cm, he gave me the go-ahead and even said it was a great idea!!! I really like my doctor...

We joined the Franco family and the Colliers, friends of Tony's through work and now friends of ours. As soon as we discovered our common interest in self-sufficient farming and simple living, the conversation came easy.

The weather was perfect, which meant the camp sites were all booked. We ended up at one of the walk-in sites for the first time, and it was like seeing the light for the first time. The hike from the cars to campsite was a little under a half of a mile, and once we got across the cold creek, and lugged all of our gear, along with my 38-week pregnant belly, up to our site, the comparative solitude and peaceful setting more than made up for the amount of work it took to get there.

This was just a small portion of the necessary stuff for the weekend.

The guys made a number of trips.

Back and forth.

But eventually we got it all there, got the fire going, and settled in.

After breakfast Saturday morning, everyone headed off to hike the Yellow Rock Trail and admire the view from the bluffs while Rochelle and Sage played at the creek and explored other parts of the campground.

Liam was super excited about riding in Daddy's backpack.

When I say everyone went hiking, I really mean everyone but me. I plunked myself down in the chair and didn't go far. I had my knitting, a water bottle, and plenty of snacks, which meant I was more than happy to stay put.
Later in the afternoon, we all went down to the creek for some rock-throwing fun.
Liam and Sage shared a wagon ride.
These two had a great time getting into trouble together. Here, they are exploring the outhouse. Nice.

There was plenty of sunshine. Plenty of room to run around. And plenty of time just to sit and enjoy the campfire.

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  1. So fun! Jeff and Jonathan will be jealous when I show them your post!