Monday, April 26, 2010

laboring through

So, Day #5 of the endless labor is drawing to a close.

Here's where things stand:

Since early yesterday evening, my contractions have progressed to every 3-4 minutes, and they are a bit more intense.

interpretation: 24 hours + moderate pain every 3-4 minutes = nearing exhaustion

This morning we went to the doctor's office. I was hooked up to a monitor to check both the baby's heart rate and the frequency of my contractions.

interpretation: River's heart beat is strong. So are my contractions.

My doctor was out of the office for the morning, but the nurse went ahead and checked me. I am only dilated 1 centimeter, and was effaced a small enough amount that she didn't even give me a number.

interpretation: fighting tears and depression at this point...

I have my 40 weeks appointment tomorrow morning (my due date). Assuming I will still be pregnant and laboring away, we are prepared to talk over some options with the doctor.

It has been hard for me to come to terms with the fact that my body is not good at this whole progressing-through-labor-thing. I am so used to feeling competent and sure of myself, and I always imagined that I would be the earthy kind of mama who pops out a 9 pound baby in an afternoon. Obviously, this is one fantasy I really can't control.

As much as I believe that labor is a natural progression, mine is progressing so slowly. And I am tired. Very tired. And birthing a baby is a lot of work.

I know my doctor won't pressure me one way or the other, so I am looking forward to hearing his opinion tomorrow.

But even more, I am looking forward to sleepless nights with the baby on the outside of my body...


  1. Oh Dorothy, that's so hard. I will pray for you.

    I remember being so frustrated walking around at 4 cm dilation for weeks with Grace and still no contractions. I was miserable and sleepless but just from the 10 lb baby up in my ribs, not from painful contractions. I'm so sorry he's not coming as soon as we hoped! I hope your pain brings a reward very soon!

    With Grace, they broke my water at 41 weeks and she came without Pitocin. I hope they give you some good options without Pitocin, which is wonderful to avoid. :) And that you have River waaay before 41 weeks!


  2. oh honey, that sounds unbearably exhausting. sending up prayers for rest, and sleep, and a quick, safe, and soon delivery. blessings, grace, and peace to you tonight.