Wednesday, April 14, 2010

some changing table changes

When Liam was born, we had the changing table set up downstairs in his room. This worked great except for the fact that he slept upstairs in our room for the first 6 months of his life, making nightime diaper changes a real pain: either we'd stumble our way downstairs or make do on the floor of our bedroom.

This time around, I knew I definitely wanted two changing stations: one upstairs and one downstairs.

We moved our old changing table (actually more of a potting bench that Gabriel made as an entertainment center for our first apartment) up into our bedroom, along with a small diaper pail, a shelf for diapering essentials, and a lamp.

Gabriel came up with plans to build a new changing station/storage unit for the boy's room downstairs, and we purchased the accompanying storage bins on our Ikea Trip.

But then I found this great old buffet on Craigslist for FREE!!!

It needed a bit of work, but was a solid piece with a lot of potential. As we drove away after picking it up, Gabriel kept saying I can't believe they just gave this away...

Some sanding, several coats of paint, new glide tracks for the bins, and two new drawer pulls later, we have this:
It goes perfectly in their room, with plenty of space for all of the diapering essentials, some toy storage, and a place to put the fish tank.
I made a new diaper changing pad from some soy-based foam, wool batting, and leftovers from the Ikea fabric I used to cover the new rocking chair cushions.
I have a few more finishing touches before their room is done. When it is, I'll post some pictures.


  1. Ooohhhh, I LOVE this!!! Love the blue and love the green fun!

    Have you ever submitted your creations to Ikea Hacker?

    Just for fun:

    Thanks for your great suggestions for my vinyl. :)

  2. I was actually amazed at how many people responded to my Craigslist posting despite no photos and my dire description of the buffet's condition! Yours was probably the tenth response, but your plans to make it into a changing table pressed the soft spot I have in my heart for mamas and babies. :) Thank you for your update. I'm glad to see this piece finally getting the love it deserves after years of neglect in my mom's garage and then in mine.

  3. You Ikea-hacker you. Nice job!