Monday, April 19, 2010


Saturday afternoon, Crystal led a Blessingway at my house with a group of my favorite ladies.

To have them all gather together in support of me and the impending birth was more than special. It made me realize just how connected I am with such a thoughtful and caring group of women.

They each brought pieces of fabric that reminded them of me, something for me to remember this special time. I love how even though they chose the fabrics for me, each individual pattern speaks volumes about the woman who brought it. I can hardly wait to turn these fabric selections into projects (alright, one of them is already done...).

We also each received ribbons to wear around our wrists until River is born and candles to light when I go into labor. To know I am not alone in the ordeal is the greatest gift they could have give me.

That and the way they jumped on the chance to provide care for Liam so my mom can join Gabriel and I at the hospital.

Thank you, friends, for such a meaningful afternoon.

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