Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring, is that really you?

The weather this weekend was amazing: into the 70's, slightly breezy, just a little cloud cover. After what has seemed like the longest winter, this breath of Spring was certainly refreshing. It made for another great weekend.

Saturday morning, Gabriel took Liam on a walk to the park while I went and helped my sister clean the childcare center where she and my mom work (a little extra income...). Liam walked the entire way to the park downtown, about a mile, and then had a blast with his daddy on the playground and throwing rocks into the creek. I came home to a very happy boy, with all of the bruises and scratched on his knees to prove it.

While Liam napped, Gabriel and Mr. Tony cut another round of logs for our woodstove. This should last us until the cooler weather is long gone. Hopefully.

And I made granola.
We have been making, eating, and loving homemade granola for a few months now. It is more cost effective than any store-bought cereals, and the taste is that much better, too. Our current favorite recipe is from one of my daily blog-reads, Chez Beeper Bebe. We love her Winter Granola, but what is homemade granola without a few personal modifications?

I substituted:
  • slivered almonds for the pecans
  • sesame seeds for the pepitas
  • honey for the maple syrup
  • all craisins for the apples (this week I left out the fruit entirely)

It's just the right balance of sweet and crucnhy for our taste. We've been enjoying it with cold milk, homemade yogurt, and dry as a crunchy snack.

After his nap, Liam joined Gabriel outside to wash the car. This was probably the highlight of his day.
Especially the soapy water bucket.
We finished up the weekend with stories before bed. We're reading lots of I'm-a-big-brother-themed books.

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  1. I like ur sweater sister :)

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