Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Nothing says summer is here like corn on the cob.
We have been enjoying a humid and wet Alabama full of sudden thunderstorms and downpours, which means we have had to be creative to keep the little ones entertained.

Yesterday afternoon, Gabriel and Uncle Ben took Liam and Grace on a bike ride during a lull in the rain. Along the way they found a big puddle that called for some splashing. They came back wet and muddy, clear indicators of a good time.

Today, Liam and Grace had some more water time under the shelter of the screened porch. Cousins sure are a lot of fun...

While Grace napped in the afternoon, and Liam refused to do the same, Ben took us to a fantastic playground at a nearby park. Shaped like a castle, with plenty of secret tunnels, bridges, and towers to explore, this playground kept Liam entertained for quite some time.
And River has been a little doll doing what he does best: lots of sleeping. A little doll? Why, yes. He has been perfectly snug in Grace's doll bed:

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