Friday, May 28, 2010

one month later

We have been a family of four for an entire month. It is hard to remember what it was like before River joined our family. What did I do with all of that free time?

River is doing great. He loves to eat and it is beginning to show. He also really enjoys tummy time. He'll often lay like this for long stretches without complaining (Baby Liam thought even a few seconds of this was torture...which might have a lot to do with his not crawling until after 12 months).

He sleeps great at night, just waking up twice to eat. We're still working at establishing a napping schedule. Some days he naps great. Other days he doesn't and I almost go crazy between his overly-tired crankiness and keeping up with Liam and his antics. But we're dealing.

Liam still hasn't shown even a hint of jealousy towards River. He loves to come upstairs and say good morning to his little brother, he gets upset when River cries, and he lets me know when River has dropped his pacifier. He seems to genuinely enjoy looking out for him.

But Liam isn't exactly an angel. We power-struggle much of the day, and today he threw a book which bounced off River's head. River almost didn't even notice (he was nursing...), but Liam knew he'd be in trouble as soon as the book left his hands.

Tomorrow early early morning, we'll be loading up the car with both kids and all of the necessary gear and driving to Alabama where we'll visit Ben and his family. On Tuesday, we'll join them for their trip down to Destin, FL. We plan to come home the following Saturday.

Either we are very brave or very stupid. Or both. The return trip is a 14-hour drive. It could be interesting with a newborn...

But we are looking forward to the visit with Ben, Carolyn, and Grace and a week on the beach. We'll see how it goes.


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